Southern California Rising Stars 2015

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Southwestern alumni were prominently listed among the attorneys recognized in the 2015 Southern California Rising Stars list by Super Lawyers Magazine.  Super Lawyers is a rating service of outstanding lawyers from more than 70 practice areas who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. The Rising Stars list is developed using the same patented multiphase selection process used for the Super Lawyers list except, to be eligible for inclusion in Rising Stars, a candidate must be either 40 years old or younger or in practice for 10 years or less.

While up to 5 percent of the lawyers in a state are named to Super Lawyers, no more than 2.5 percent are named to Rising Stars. All attorneys first go through the Super Lawyers selection process. Those who are not selected to the Super Lawyers list, but meet either one of the Rising Stars eligibility requirements, then go through the Rising Stars selection process.Those Southern California lawyers who receive the highest point totals during the nomination, research and peer review process are further recognized in Southern California Super Lawyers Top Lists. 

Congratulations to all of our alumni!

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  • Ilyas Akbari '03
  • Eric C. Bonholtzer '11
  • Reagan E. Boyce '06
  • Celeste Brecht '05
  • Jonathan L. Brophy '06
  • Megan E. Green '03


  • Marla T. Almazan '05
  • Reagan E. Boyce '06
  • Celeste Brecht '05
  • Macy M. Chan '06
  • Elisabeth M. D'Agostino '07
  • Megan E. Green '03
  • Eve Lopez '05
  • Autumn Ronda '06
  • Anne Nakornratana '01
  • Sona A. Tatiyants '05

Full List of Southwestern Alumni featured on 2015 Rising Stars

All names listed alphabetically.

Courtney M. Abrams '09
Heather B. Abrigo '05
Ani Adjemian '06
Payam Aghabala '02
Jeff B. Aidikoff '10
Farris E. Ain '03
Diana W. Aizman '06
Armen K. Akaragian '06
Ilyas Akbari '03
Michael Akopyan '05
Marla T. Almazan '05
Alexis Amber '08
Christopher N. Andal '05
Mariana Aroditis '10
Christopher T. Aumais '05
Michael Avanesian '11
Patrick Baghdaserians '07
Sevak Bagumyan '05
Daniel K. Balaban '05
Meisa Banh '09
Caroline Y. Barbee '05
Anahid Barsegian '03
Armine Bazikyan '10
John M. Begakis '11
Arash Beral '06
Julia S. Berkus '04
Arik Betesh '06
Eric C. Bonholtzer '11
Jason K. Boss '03
Reagan E. Boyce '06
Celeste Brecht '05
Jonathan L. Brophy '06
Josephine Ann U. Brosas '05
Daniel G. Brown '05
Michael Burgis '08
Brad A. Byszewski '05
Kyndra J. Casper '07
Kevin D. Cauley '12
Macy M. Chan '06
Marcus F. Chaney '06
Teresa Chen '07
Paul P. Cheng '05
Bryon Y. Chung '07
Christine A. Chung '07
Justin W. Clark '04
Tyler F. Clark '08
Bryan H. Clements '10
Ellen E. Cohen '08
Aaron N. Colby '06
Kirk S. Comer '05
Brian P. Cruz '07
Elisabeth M. D'Agostino '07
Benjamin A. Davis '08
Jeffrey C. De Francisco '01
Cheryl C. Deptowicz '07
Diana S. Diskin '07
Jonathan A. Drexler '05
Saman Ebriani '09
Britany M. Engelman '05
Babak B. Farahan '05
Greggory M. Field '03
Arin D. Friedman '11
Julee M. Fritsch '05
John-Patrick M. Fritz '06
David L. Gamblin '05
Marc H. Garelick '07
Mariel A. Gerlt '07
Rachel T. Gezerseh '07
Jennifer L. Ghozland '04
Brian S. Ginter '09
Robert S. Glassman '09
Christiaanes J. Gordon '03
Megan E. Green '03
Michael A. Greene '08
Alison M. Hamer '08
Courtney C. Hill '00
Richard D. Hoang '04
Michael D. Holcomb '05
Myong J. Hong '05
Kayla K. Horacek '05
Daniel P. Hunt '05
Kamelia Jalilvand '07
Hillary A. Jones '05
Brendan Y. Joy '07
Jason M. Joyal '07
Zena M. Kalioundji '09
Robert A. Kashfian '08
Gerard V. Kassabian '01
Edgar Khalatian '03
Nitasha Khanna '10
Tessa M. King '07
Alison N. Kleaver '07
Samer A. Kozhaya '01
Jamie M. Kurtz '07
Michael J. Le '12
Marcus J. Lee '11
Rory D. Leos '03
Katherine V. Lizardo '05
Eve Lopez '05
Michael L. Maguire '08
Kyle B. Marks '10
Casey J. Marticorena '07
Lina B. Melidonian '06
Joshua D. Milon '06
Kamran Mirrafati '04
Ji Young Moon '06
Keith J. Moten '04
Anne Nakornratana '01
Janet Nalbandyan '04
Marlene M. Nicolas '06
Frederic W. Norris '07
Christopher P. Norton '04
Evan N. Okamura '07
James E. Oldendorph, Jr. '03
Robert J. Ounjian '00
Tigran Palyan '09
Chandler A. Parker '11
Melanie T. Partow '04
Maurice D. Pessah '10
Christopher Petersen '07
Douglas A. Praw '02
Courtney L. Puritsky '07
Eric A. Puritsky '05
Shanon K. Quinley '04
Guenther A. Richter '04
Autumn Ronda '06
Aaron P. Rudin '02
Fernando C. Saldivar '05
Vartan J. Saravia '08
Justin R. Sarno '03
Armen Sefyan '06
Reeve Segal '07
Ramtin Shahian '10
Artin N. Shaverdian '02
Tarek Shawky '06
Shahrokh M. Sheik '06
Narbeh Shirvanian '08
Lara A. Shortz '05
Carrington J. Snyder '10
Matthew G. Stein '04
Sona A. Tatiyants '05
David A. Thorpe '01
Brian R. Tinkham '04
Mitra Torabi '04
Korosh Torkzadeh '11
Daniel J. Tripathi '05
Jennifer L. Turner '07
Aslin Tutuyan '05
Christine V. Twining '04
Benjamin Valencia '01
Nicole Q. Valera '04
Annie S. Wang '06
Natalie L. Weatherford '11
Jonathan A. Weinman '08
Erik D. Weiss '06
Brian T. Yasuzawa '06
Neal S. Zaslavsky '1

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hi ..I think the content of JJ is great but it would be nice if there was more coorntl with the comments. Some of the comments seems to come from insane people and it’s very disturbing to watch when they let themselves loose. It’s hardly on topic and not very entertaining either. It would be great if that could be fixed even though trolls are hard to coorntl.
By Damla on 11/25/2015
The GLPC was at the career fair this year. From the 10 miunte conversation I had with the representative there I was already interested in what they were doing and then when Becky and Lynn came in, they just kind of drove it home. They talked about a lot of things that we have been talking about this semester. One thing that really stuck out to me was the age of a lot of the people that the GLPC helped. In the Newsweek article we read one of the college professors commented that by the time undergrads got to school it was too late for the professors to help the students out with the literacy skills they were lacking at all. But most college students are 17-24 and Becky and Lynn have been working with grandparents! It's really interesting how valuable resources like GLPC and GoodWill are in correcting/reversing the negative affects of discouraging literacy sponsors.P.S. Thank you for your service! [url=]yqkssmf[/url] [link=]qqegzid
By Studiosocietarioetributario on 11/26/2015
Becky and Lynn's shared exierpences are very much apart of the illiterate state of America. There are so many individuals around us that have created innovated ways to survive and we we do not know their literacy status. It is even more amazing that our educational systems fail those individuals. How do we not care as a nation that the citizens do not know how to read and write? The important of every child being able to read and write should be a main emphasis of our educational systems. I am sure that your raised awareness of the illiteracy problem will help you as an elementary teacher.
By Fernandalucia on 11/28/2015
By Cordy on 12/22/2015
By Carli on 12/22/2015

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