Signing on the Dotted Line: A Family Law MCLE Event & Award Ceremony

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In early June, the Southwestern Alumni Association presented Signing on the Dotted Line: A Family Law MCLE Event & Award Ceremony. The program featured prominent panels of experts from the bench and bar discussing all aspects of Pre- and Post-Marital Agreements. 

Cindy Johnson, Regan Boyce and Patrick Baghdaserians Untitled Chris Melcher and Judge Goldberg Patrick Baghdaserians, Judy Bogen and Neal Hersh  

This unique MCLE program on current issues in family law featured prominent panels of experts from the bench and bar discussing all aspects of Pre-Marital Agreements, Post-Marital Agreements, Transmutation Documents and Post Disso Filing Documents. 

Panelists included:

  • Judy Bogen '80, CFLS – Hersh, Mannis & Bogen
  • Hon. Hank Goldberg – Los Angeles Superior Court
  • Hon. Dianna J. Gould-Saltman '85 – Los Angeles Superior Court
  • Neal Hersh '76, CFLS – Hersh, Mannis & Bogen
  • Stephen A. Kolodny, CFLS – Kolodny Family Law Group
  • Chris Melcher, CFLS – Walzer & Melcher
  • Hon. Robert A. Schnider, Ret. – Los Angeles Superior Court
  • Marshall Waller, CFLS – Feinberg & Waller  
During the lunchtime presentation, the Hon. Scott M. Gordon '85, a distinguished family court judge, alumnus and adjunct professor at Southwestern, was presented with the inaugural Max Goodman Family Law Legacy Award, created in memory of the longtime family law expert who taught at Southwestern for over 40 years.

Dean Prager, Judge Gordon and Stephen Kolodny        Stephen Kolodny and Judge Scott Gordon

To see more photos from this event please click here

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