Larraine Segil '79- Endowment and Mentorship Program.

Larraine Segil ’79 had always attended the most prestigious schools when living in South Africa. But when she and her husband immigrated to the United States, even the outstanding education she received at University of the Witwatersrand did little to prepare her for figuring out how to continue her education and build a career in Los Angeles as a working mother without resources and guidance. 

In 2009, she created the Larraine Segil Strategic Alliance Scholarship Endowment Fund to give outstanding women students financial support and more importantly, the one-on-one mentorship she lacked during her career. It is this mentorship of women who are entrepreneurial and/or legal leaders in training that makes this scholarship truly unique.
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Joining together to #FeedtheBison

On December 2nd, 2014 Southwestern Law School was one of more than 8,000 organizations who participated in #GivingTuesday, a national movement to add a day of charity to the holiday season. We called on alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends to help us #FeedtheBison in an effort to meet the Southwestern Board of Trustee's Challenge- 122 donations on 12/2 for a matching gift of $12,200. Social Media was a major part of the campaign and thanks to the efforts of our social ambassadors #GivingTuesday was trending on Southwestern’s online networks. With the collaborative efforts of the entire Southwestern community, we received a total of 205 gifts which enabled us to raise over $30,000 in a single day! 

As a part of our #GivingTuesday festivities and to celebrate the holidays and the spirit of giving, we also hosted a Tree Decorating Party and the 2nd Annual Alumni-Student Gift Wrapping Party to assist LLSA in wrapping 900 gifts for their annual Hoover Toy Drive. 

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Southwestern is proud of long history of Public Interest.

Southwestern is proud of our long history of Public Interest, meet Kimberly Oros who continues the tradition of serving the Community.

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Run for Her in memory of Professor Karen Smith

 Southwestern faculty, students and friends ran the annual Run for Her in memory of Professor Karen Smith.

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Richard Heisler '04- Bringing Awareness of the Environment.

As Senior Counsel for Search Optics, a growing internet digital marketing company in San Diego, Southwestern alum Richard Heisler (’04) never imaged he would get a chance to do what very few people in the world ever get to do.  He observed and studied a nesting orangutan mother and her playful baby daughter in the wild along with a local research team from the Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project in Indonesian Borneo’s Sabangau National Park.  

Even before attending law school, Mr. Heisler, a self-proclaimed “fanatic greenie,” was passionate about saving the planet but knew that his cause would be difficult to pursue full time, especially with law school student loans to repay.  Careers in environmental law are extremely competitive, relatively low-paying, and often fall short of the images many have of the diehard environmentalist who is chained to a tree in the name of the cause.  Aware of this, Mr. Heisler, already a second career attorney, approached Southwestern with an open mind and focused on another of his interests— entertainment and intellectual property law (IP) – considering his first career was in the film business. After graduation, however, a legal career in IP allowed Mr. Heisler to merge what he had learned at Southwestern with his passion for the environment.  

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Giving Back & Planning for the Future - Anna Tarasyuk '10


As a Nickel Club Public Affairs Committee member, I am always keeping an eye out for a good opportunity to help the public. Recently, I started working with Bet Tzedek’s pro bono Advance Planning Clinic, helping low-income individuals prepare statutory wills and health care directives. 

As part of my own practice, I always emphasize the importance of planning, and especially the importance of having the essentials, among which is a health care directive. Advance life planning is, unfortunately, an issue that tends to get brushed aside, often with devastating results. If ignored, planning can become a drawn-out nightmare, one that leaves families fighting; adding to the already-mounting stress of dealing with the death or incapacity of a loved one. The individuals that come to the Advance Planning Clinic often do not have the necessary resources to devote to advance life planning, and therefore frequently resort to a default ‘no planning’, or at best, improvised planning, which can be disastrous. Through the Advance Planning Clinic, eligible clients have the opportunity to meet with volunteer attorneys who draft the documents on their behalf.

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Student Lauren Plunkett '14 Featured by OneJustice

Lauren Plunkett | OneJusticeOneJustice featured full-time student Lauren Plunkett '14 this month as another example of how “It Takes a Network” to achieve access to justice for Californians in need. Click here to read more about her path from undergrad to the Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology to Southwestern, where she’s has participated in the Public Service ProgramPublic Interest Law Committee, and of course, OneJustice’s Justice Bus Project! “I was very interested in participating in the Justice Bus Project because a classmate told me that on a previous Southwestern Justice Bus trip, the students helped the same number of people in two days that the local legal services nonprofit can help in three months! I knew I wanted to be part of the student group who made that level of services possible.”
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Armenia Fellowship Reception Planned


Southwestern Armenia Fellowship Reception Planned 

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In 2012, Southwestern partnered with the Republic of Armenia's Ministry of Justice to create an opportunity for an American-trained lawyer to work with the Ministry to cultivate Armenia's legal system. The inaugural Southwestern Armenia Fellow, Garen Nazarian, began his term in Fall of 2012.

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The Nickel Club Supports the Hoover Mock Trial Program


On February 5, 2014 at approximately 12:55 pm under the watchful eyes of the Bullocks Wilshire famous ceiling mural and nearby students, someone wearing a black hoodie snatched a backpack out of the hands of a Southwestern student.  This was not the first time such a theft has occurred on campus, however, as it has been happening annually for over twenty-five years as part of the Hoover Elementary School Mock Trial Program.

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Over 100 Donors and Volunteers Join Together on #Giving Tuesday

Over 100 alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends joined together in a single day to give-back to Southwestern. 


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